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Say goodbye to word count, topic gen, keyword research, and headaches with our Content Marketing Managed Service (CMMS).

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okwrite is a Canadian content marketing agency that hundreds of brands globally rely on to deliver thought-provokingeducationalauthoritativeSEO optimized content.

We do one thing, really really well.

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What is okwrite Content Marketing Managed Service?

Okwrite CMMS is a hands-off approach to content marketing. It’s designed for brands who know they need content, but don’t fully understand the how’s and why’s or don’t have the time.

For each CMMS client, okwrite Strategy Managers with years of experience conduct extensive interviews, market research, and planning to identify:

🟠 Content market gaps
🟠 Best long-tail keywords
🟠 Quarterly topic generation and approval
🟠 Market and competitor analysis
🟠 Audience and tone
🟠 Content marketing business objectives

With the information we acquire through onboarding, we are able to identify which topics the client should be writing for and why they should be writing those topics.

Then, each week your client will receive a new blog post, written in the correct tone for the correct audience, with their business goals in mind.

With okwrite, you can say goodbye to:Word CountAt okwrite, we believe that word count is irrelevant from a reader’s perspective, and should also be from the writer’s perspective.If a topic needs 900 words to be properly explained to the audience, then it should be 900 words. If a topic needs 2500 words to be educational and informative, then it should be.That being said, longer content does better in SERPs. Our content never goes below 800 words.This is all included in the monthly cost.Topic GenerationNo more “What should we write this week?”.

Included in the monthly cost is quarterly topic generation. You and your client have final approval of topics before writing starts.

Keyword Research

If your client’s goal is SEO, okwrite will identify the best opportunities that align with better SERP results, while also providing educational content for the correct audience.


Okwrite understands how important excellent and consistent content is for brands. We also know how much time and effort it takes.

It’s just that simple.

✅ Unlimited edits
✅ Dedicated strategy, editing and writing teams
✅ Custom white-gloved onboarding for each client
✅ Educational, thought-provoking, business goal aligned content
✅ Consistent weekly delivery
✅ Unique content strategy
✅ Smart topic and title generation


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