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Advanced Reporting


Unlock in-depth performance tracking and tools.
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Unlock the full power of Advertising Intelligence with Advanced Reporting.

Customize your date range to analyze performance over time, avoid confusion by adding your management markup fee to all client spend metrics, and customize which metrics to show in the dashboard.

Plus, select which specific campaigns to bring into product, and compare them side-by-side to determine what’s working. For each campaign, view the objective, user journey, and spend metrics. Plus, access in-depth reporting tables on keyword performance, ad performance, YouTube performance, and Google Analytics (when applicable) for every campaign. All data is in real-time, so you always have access to the most recent information on your client’s ads.

Advertising Intelligence with advanced Reporting is this the single source of truth for your clients’ advertising campaigns.

– Add management markup fees – include any fees in your client’s ad spend budget so their final cost is always clear.
– check_circleCustomize report date ranges – evaluate specific advertising time frames in the past to determine what worked best for your client, and when.
– check_circleSupport multi-location clients – select which specific advertising campaigns you would like to bring into the product.
– check_circleCustomize Advertising Intelligence – choose what campaign metrics you want your clients to see, including ROI.


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