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Dashboard Walkthrough


Have our experts walk you through one of your online dashboards.

You can compare a maximum of 3 products!

Give your clients a thorough introduction to one of their online dashboards with a Dashboard Walkthrough!

Before you can take full advantage of the solutions you’ve purchased, it helps to get you acquainted with all of their features and benefits. Over a virtual screen share, a marketing strategist will walk you step-by-step through their online Dashboard to showcase how you can make the best use out of the solution.

Our team can take you through one of the following dashboards: Reputation Management, Social Marketing, Listing Builder, and Business App. This is extremely helpful for your DIY!

If you’ve got more than one Dashboard to go through, simply activate the add-on for an additional walkthrough.

Up to a one-hour session. Requires the client to be on a computer with a high-speed internet connection.

✅ Provide additional training beyond an onboard call; engage the client with the solutions they’ve purchased.
✅ Customized based on the needs of the client. Choose from a variety of dashboard options.
✅ A perfect addition to a quarterly business review.



  1. Rodica

    Love this so much!

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