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How to Use Facebook ads to Get More Calls and Visits

How to Get More Clinic Visits Through Facebook Ads

Social networking is an essential part of a marketing strategy for doctors. A majority of Americans have a Facebook account and check it on a daily basis, and they are also quick to share their experiences. If you’re looking for information on “how to use Facebook ads for my practice,” then these straightforward strategies can maximize your time and resources.

1. Post Content Regularly

After you have created a Facebook page for your practice, the next step is to regularly post useful and informative content. As a part of how to do social media marketing, regularly posting informative tidbits such as a new technique you are offering or how your treatments and services change patients’ lives can have a big effect on your followers. This can result in lead generation for plastic surgeons when a person tags a friend who they think would be interested in a new treatment or helpful service that you have to offer.

2. Upload Images

People are highly visual creatures, and another method of how to generate more clinic visits is to upload images of your facility. People want to see how comfortable they will be when they check in at the reception desk and have a seat in the waiting area. They want to know what to expect in the patient care rooms. Upload images of your staff, too. When a prospective patient can see the face of who they just talked to on the phone, they are able to connect with your practice and build a sense of loyalty.

3. Encourage Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations are perhaps the most important part of plastic surgery marketing. Encourage your patients to go on Facebook and post reviews. Ask them to share what made them satisfied with their visit or how your services made a difference to them. A big part of how to get clients using Facebook and Google reviews happens when prospective patients read about the positive experiences of others who are in their situation. If you need help on how to get more positive reviews, let us know.

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