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Listings Management and The Like

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These marketing strategies geared toward doctors and plastic surgeons in order to get more clinic visits.

How to Generate More Clinic Visits Through Marketing

It’s emotionally rewarding to treat patients and solve their problems. However, your clinic won’t be financially viable unless you can attract a sufficient number of patients to create a surplus of income over expenses. An automated client system is just one of the strategies that you can use to connect with your clients and maintain a positive relationship between patients and the clinic. Other tools include social media marketing and market automation for doctors. Read on to learn tips about how to do social media marketing effectively whether you need plastic surgery marketing or a general marketing strategy for doctors.

How to Get More Positive Reviews

Positive reviews increase your business’ rating on search engines and social media sites. Review-centered websites such as Yelp cannot be ignored. When a patient has completed a successful treatment, be sure to follow up and encourage the patient to recommend your services to others with Yelp. Rather than framing positive reviews as aiding your business to increase its profit margins, explain the importance of reviews to satisfied clients as a means of encouraging other potential patients to also receive quality care.

How to Get Clients Using Facebook and Google

If you optimize the content on your website with SEO best practices, results for your clinic will move to the first page of results on Google. Studies have shown that prospective clients are more likely to click on the first five relevant results on a search page than those below. Higher ratings on Google will also raise your profile on navigation apps such as Google Maps. Lead generation for plastic surgeons is dependent on the business internet visibility.

How to Use Facebook Ads for My Practice

Once you’ve created a Facebook page for your practice, link it to your Facebook
Business Manager Account. Facebook will allow you to choose an audience, marketing objective and budget for your Facebook ad campaign. You can create ads on a local, regional or national level. The ads will then appear in potential clients news feeds and on the side of the web page. Use bright and captivating photos that will rise above the visual noise of your customers’ daily Facebook browsing.

Marketing Automation for Doctors

Marketing automation software can compile the contact information of current, past and potential clients in one database. Send out regular notifications to inform your audience of medical developments and new services that you’re offering. You can also send reminders to regular patients to come in for examinations and follow-up procedures. If you are looking for how to get more clinic visits, you can use social media and search engines to your advantage. This, in turn, will generate more patients and revenue.


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