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The State of Local: How Customer Behavior has Greatly Changed

The State of Local: How Customer Behavior has Greatly Changed

Customer behaviors have changed over time, and social media is a big reason for this shift. Read on to learn more about how it’s affected marketing.

Social Media Has Changed Customer Behavior and Advertising

Advertising has long been the key to successful plastic surgery marketing. However, the marketing strategy for doctors has changed, and this is because customers’ behaviors have changed. The world is evolving into a digital conglomerate of social networking sites, which means the way doctors market also needs to change.

How to Do Social Media Marketing

There are ways to do social media marketing that are more effective than others. First, you’ll want to figure out which platforms you’re going to use to advertise. Facebook and Google are two of the most popular platforms, so we’ll list a few pointers on how to get clients using Facebook and Google.


Tip #1: 

Fill out your profiles with recent information. The first thing a potential client will do is visit your profile. If your profile isn’t filled out with current information, it could essentially make you look like you’re out of business.



You may have seen Facebook ads and said to yourself, “I need to figure out how to use Facebook ads for my practice.” First, you need a budget to pay for keywords. You also need to use images that are popular right now and that draw attention. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to get people to see your posts.


Tip #3: 

Use an automated client system. You’re going to gather a lot of data during your marketing campaign. Marketing automation for doctors will help you generate reports. These reports will show you things such as how to get more clinic visits or how to get more positive reviews. Marketing automation for doctors is especially helpful in figuring out how to generate more clinic visits because you get insight into why clients may or may not be coming to your practice.


It’s no secret that generating clients for your practice is a lot different than how it used to be. Social media has changed the advertising formula, and people are more connected now. It’s easy to do lead generation for plastic surgeons as long as you know how to navigate advertising with social media.

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