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Video Reviews and Why it’s important

Video Reviews and Why it's important

Video reviews are a very beneficial type of customer testimonial for any business or service. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Why Video Reviews Are Important for a Doctor’s Office

Most medical professionals know that online reviews are an important part of their marketing strategy. However, this doesn’t just include text reviews on sites like Google and Yelp but also video reviews on YouTube as well as those hosted on your site. 

Video testimonials are often much more powerful than written ones, and any marketing strategy for doctors should encourage them whenever possible. Here are some other reasons why video reviews are important for your practice.

They Come Across as More Genuine Than Text Reviews

Many people are wary that online text reviews are fake, but because a video review shows an actual person, prospective customers are more inclined to trust them. In a video review, prospective patients can see the reviewer’s facial expressions and hear the emotion in their voice, which tends to make more of an impact than a text review. These advantages can be a major contributor to how to get more clinic visits.

They Show Concrete Results of Your Work

As lead generation for plastic surgeons, video reviews are effective because they show off the end results of your work. It’s even better if former clients can explain the process they went through so that anyone who watches will have a clear understanding of the services and experiences your clinic provides. They function as natural marketing automation for doctors that can serve as permanent advertising into the future.

They Attract More Attention

Videos, due to their visual nature, tend to grab the attention of audiences more effectively than other kinds of reviews. This is particularly true on social media where videos often prove a solid boost to plastic surgery marketing when shared between users. 

There are plenty of resources for doctors to learn how to do social media marketing. These resources can also help you with how to use Facebook ads for your practice. Video reviews can be your first step to take in how to get clients using Facebook and Google.

You Can Encourage Them

When it comes to how to get more positive reviews, you have a few options. The best is to simply encourage patients to create video reviews detailing their experiences at your clinic and the end results. You can also produce videos yourself that show online visitors your offices, explain useful information about the surgery process and more. These are great tactics for learning how to generate more clinic visits.

Video reviews from impressed customers can be integral to generating leads for any medical practice. If you need more help in marketing your practice, keep an eye out for our book entitled “Automated Client System: The 5 Core Strategies to Attract High Paying Clients to Your Practice.”

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